Further Preparations …

… for fracking are in full swing. What exactly will be done with this tower/rig I don’t know as the actual drilling of the well is over.


Another Rig - Purpose Unknown

Judging from later observations, I can only speculare: they might be flushing the wellas they were putting in pipes and then extracting them again, and the pipes were connected to big tanks with a flexible hose. Or they finally lined the well bore with concrete. As said, I can only assume.

And this is how things continue with that rig:


Pipes Are Being Connected

It’s clearly to be seen that more pipes are connected.


Heavy Cranes at Work

And then work goes on with heavy cranes, the actual fracking process has begun, …


Fracking in Process

… as things are really going at the wells …


Work at the Wells

… while in the background, at a different well which is already producing, surplus gas is being flared off.

What is true, btw, and what we had been told beforehand, is the fact that fracking is certainly noisier than drilling. But again, it’s not too bad as it’s a constant monotonous background humming, even if louder than before. What disturbs us much more is the constant flow of heavy 18-wheelers and other trucks into and off the compound, since the necessary materials [water, chemicals and sand] have to be delivered around the clock. And all that stuff has to be carried off again, too, since it can’t remain in the well and can’t be allowed to just flow off, even if that – regrettably – does happen sometimes as neither environmental pollution nor supervision by the agencies in charge are always taken seriously enough.

Talking of water: one single well [and we have two on that pad across the highway] requires 800,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of water for fracking, which here need to be delivered by truck. This means about 250 trucks only to get the water here, not counting the trucks delivering chemicals and sand, nor the fact that all that stuff has to be removed again, too. What the present oil boom with all that water consumption does to the water table of our aquifers – southern and western Texas being arid to begin with and under severs drought conditions in addition to that – is being debated. The oil industry, of course, maintains that it won’t affect the aquifers that are pumped for drinking water, as they claim that they’re using wells that are deeper and tap reservoirs way below those used for drinking and irrigation water, but last week there was a report on television that neighbouring Falls City had to introduce water restrictions [stage 4] as their wells could no longer produce the amount of water needed regularly. And the excessive water consumption by the drilling companies was blamed for that.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

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