Cutting and Splitting Logs …

… was what I had to do today again as we had a really drop in temperature [in some places by 40 degrees] and it has become much cooler, not to say quite chilly.


Firewood and Tools

Chainsaw and logsplitter were quite helpful tools to split the big logs. Splitting is fairly easy with Mesquite wood [we have plenty of that ourselves], especially when it’s worm-ridden. But with oak [we got that from Mary’s cousin Margaret] that’s quite a different story. With oak our small logsplitterhas its difficulties, if it can split them at all. Well, I must admit I bought the smallest version, which can produce a splitting power of 5 tons. The big ones, that produce 17 or even 22 tons of pressure were simply too expensive at slightly less than $ 2,000. We need that power too rarely to pay that much money.

And this is the result of today’s work:


Firewood Stacked on the Rack on the Front Porch

No we have no objections against the next few days – as the weather forecast said – being colder. It’s a damp [just now it’s raining again lightly, as it has been doing off and on for the whole day] cold, btw, and that makes it worse. But we’re quite comfy with a nice fire in the fireplace in the living-room: cosy atmosphere.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


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