Vacation Plans

The upcoming elections/primaries and the political wrangling about redistricting down here in Texas are threateninhg to throw a spanner into the works of our vacation planning. This year we don’t want to go to Germany but spend some time here in the US. Our original plans had been to be on the road in the second half of May and the first half of June, for a combined car-and-bicycle vacation, mainly exploring some rail trails. And in autumn we’re planning to go to West Texas again, to Big Bend Country, where we spent our honeymoon in 2009.

But back to my original subject: with all the political squabbling going on here about redistricting [I don’t want to get into a detailed account here] the original date for the primaries has already passed and now they’re – possibly – set for May 29. And since Mary is the chairperson for the county Democratic Party, she should be present not only for the actual date, but also during all of the period leading up to the primaries, to be able to answer questions and/or help with whatever is necessary. We’ll have to see what she decides on. But it’s a nuisance, definitely. Just now we’re still planning to leave in the second half of April for about 3 weeks.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


6 responses to “Vacation Plans

  1. Good luck! I hope all goes well, with your vacation and the redistricting! 🙂

    • We’re still keeping our fingers crossed. One other idea that crossed my mind when I read Randall Sherman’s reply to our vacationing plans might be to go to Big Bend Country in April [that would be between one and two weeks only] and do our car-bicyle-vacation in September. But with Big Bend Country in April I’ll have to figure out if I might run into difficulties with Border Patrol as by the time I don’t think I’ll have my renewed Green Card. And we’d have to go through Border Patrol check points frequently.

  2. April would be a good time to hit Big Bend. Spring Break will have past, so it shouldn’t be that crowded, plus the heat won’t be as oppressive.

    Do you stay in the park lodge or outside in Marathon or Alpine?


    • Hi Randall,
      Now you gave me an idea! Maybe we should change our plans and go to Big Bend in April and do our road trip in the Midwest and Southeast later, say in September. My only problem with Big Bend area in April would be the fact that we need to pass so many Border Patrol checkpoints [I need to tell you about my previous experience some time soon] and what with my expired Green Card there? Even if I have that paper saying it has been extended I am still reluctant. But I’m certainly thinking of it. If we go, we’d like to stay at the Chisos Mountains Lodge for a while and also at Chinati Hot Springs. We stayed in Fort Davis for our honeymoon and it was a wonderful place [The Veranda Inn], but this time we’d like to stay much closer to the park – actually in it.
      Best regards, and enjoy your Sunday evening,

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