Our House

For quite some time I have meant to upload pictures of our house, and here’s one:


The House in the Evening Glow

On the evening of November 30, 2009, the sun was setting when I took this picture. The view is from the south west, and it’s the front.


8 responses to “Our House

  1. I love your house, it is beautiful! The light from the sunset is terrific!

    • Hi Betty,
      Glad you like this house. We like it a lot, too. And I agree: that mellow evening sunshine makes it look really great. The house, btw, is from 1937. My wife’s parents built it then and she has been living here every since she was born. It does need some renovation, though. We’re in the process of getting an additional room, renovating the kitchen, getting central air conditioning and insulation – roof/attic and walls. That would be done professionally. And after that I need to do more myself, painting walls, doors and floors. But I like to do these things. You see: more projects! 😉
      Take care, and enjoy your Sunday,

      • I do like it, very much. 1937a good year. My mother was born that year. 🙂 She has lived there all of her life? That is amazing, and wonderful! I am sure it needs some renovation, it is almost 100 years old. You are doing quite a bit to it, aren’t you? Yes, more projects! I still wouldn’t mind adding to your list! Hahahahahaha

  2. It’s beautiful! Much nicer than many of the houses you see here in Texas. The stones are great.

    • Hi Sabrina,
      Glad you like this place. We like the stones, too. Makes the house somewhat unique, even if there are quite a few houses with stones outside around here. Not all of them are just a wooden frame with vinyl siding.
      Take care, and enjoy your Sunday,

  3. I love the stone work. If I may ask, how old is it? It looks like it’s got a wonderful history with plenty of stories to share. A house with real character!


    • Hi Randall,
      Glad you like thae house! It was built in 1937 by my wife’s parents and she has lived here ever since she was born. I need to ask her which wonderful stories go with it. It does need some repair, though. We’re planning an addition [one more room] and also a renovation of our kitchen, plus central air and insulation. And then it’ll be up to me for some painting inside. More and more projects around here!
      Take care,

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