Now that springtime – even if it’s not spring yet – has arrived, there are quite a few projets that need to be done outside. Here’s the three most urgent ones:


Garden Projects

From the top:

  • The compost needs to be moved from the area next to the new garage to somewhere further back on the property. That task has nearly been completed by now. Then the area has to be clared more from trash/debris, the fence [not clearly to be seen in this picture] will have to be re-erected [quite a task as it consists of railroad ties] and the cow trough needs to be made water-tight again so that we can have a little pond. And, finally, this area has to be converted into a patio [meaning it needs tiles or cobblestones] or garden [possibly xeriscaping] – we don’t know yet what exactly.
  • All that dirt [caliche, to be exact] needs to ne moved to the driveway(s) and spread. I have already done quite a bit by now and that pile definitely looks smaller, but still there’s a lot of hard work to do. I can move about 5 – 10 wheelbarrows a day, which means 1 to 2 hours of work, but not more. When the whole pile has gone, I will have moved 14 tons – by hand, with the wheelbarrow.
  • This area, which Mary calls the “rock garden” and I call “wildernesse”, needs to be cleared of weeds and turned into a nice little garden – very likely xeriscape again, as we don’t get too much rain here in southern Texas and we want to conserve as much water as possible.

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7 responses to “Projects

  1. Umm…can I borrow you for a summer? I have some projects too. 🙂

    • Hi Betty,
      You can certainly borrow me (for a summer) for your projects … after I have finished everything here. Besides what I mentioned in this posting, there’s more work in the garden [xeriscaping much more of it, digging and installing a pond, creating a patio next to the house], installing shelves and a bathroom in our garage/barn, finishing the wall panelling there, renovating inside the house [e.g. sanding and then varnishing the floors, paintinf the walls] etc. etc. You see, it’ll be quite soon that I’ll be able to do your projects! 😉 😉
      Take care,

  2. Sounds like it’s time to rent a Bobcat and move a little earth! Have fun, but do it before it gets too hot.


    • Hi Randall,
      Well, I had thought of a Bobcat, but then, just moving the dirt by wheelbarrow is good exercise – even if it takes longer. And as to the heat: I had started doing this in August! last year. But I hope to be finished in two or three more weeks.
      Best regards,

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