For a Few Days …

… there was no activity on that drilling-pad across the highway, but now work is being resumed again: the preparations for fracking those two wells are in progress. First, after all the previous mobile homes had been moved, new ones were brought in:

mobile home

A Mobile Home Being Delivered

But I really don’t know what they need all those porta potties for:

porta potties

One Mobile Home - But Ten Porta Potties

More heavy machinery arrives, too:

heavy machinery

A BIg Crane

No idea what they’re doing here:


What's Going on? - No Idea

The oil – or will it be gas – from these two wells will be removed via a pipeline: that let’s us hope there will not be any big tanks nor other unsightly machinery later. And definitely there will not be that much traffic of tanker trucks as in other places hereabouts where there’s no pipeline.


The Pipeline Is Being Laid

And this is where the pipeline – for now, at least – ends:


Pipeline End

Um diesen Artikel in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


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