New Glider

Yesterday I drove to San Antonio to get the new glider for our front porch from Amish Oak in Texas [a shop with wonderful wooden furniture, produced by the Amish from Pennsylvania, where, btw, we also bought our new bedroom furniture], and here’s what it looks like:


New Glider

The wood is cedar, btw, just oiled to make it even more weatherproof than untreated cedar already is. The old swing we used to have on the front porch will be moved to the lean-to of our new barn/garage. And hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy sitting in this lovely glider on quite a few evenings.


4 responses to “New Glider

  1. I love the glider and I love the stonework on the exterior of your home. I’ve always liked that sort of Southwestern feel.


    • Hi Randall,
      Thanks for the comment on the house and glider. We like the house, too. It’s quite old, btw: Mary’s parents built it in 1937. It needs quite a bit of restauration, though, on the outside and inside, too, and we’re in the process of getting estimates.
      Take care,

  2. I want one! I believe there is a shop in town that has Amish furniture. Had forgotten all about it! Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hi Betty,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I can only recommend that glider: it’s absolutely comfy. The shape of the seat really makes it so, and swining backwards and forward is ever so relaxing. There are quite a few different kinds of that glider, from this here to 3-seaters, and some with cup holders and/or a middle table, or with differently shaped backrests. We decided on this – the smallest one – as our front porch is not that big, and as we like to sit close to each other 😉 and not separated by a table.
      Have agreat day,

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