Camaro Restoration [2]

Today we got the Camaro back from a carburetor shop in San Antonio. I think I had described in  a previous posting that I was unable to find a single-barrel carburetor for that straight-six engine we have. But we had been given the address of a place in  San Antonio [Lone Star Carburetors] that rebuilds carburetors and we had taken the car there on Thursday. It was done Monday, but only today we had the time to get it back. And it looks like the guys there – even if the shop was really unpretentious – did a good job: there’s no more stuttering and/or stalling of the engine, and on idle it really runs low and smooth.

On our way back we went by a car restoration place, but having the Camaro restored professionally is way beyond our means – at least just now. The giy said – and I had expected something along those lines – that $25,000 was by far not enough. Well, so that will have to wait. The car is safe to drive, and that’s the main thing. We might try to get the windshield – which is leaking in rain – caulked, if that’s possible, though, so that we can use the Camaro in all weather conditions. And then hope for some future oil-money.   😉

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


3 responses to “Camaro Restoration [2]

  1. Sieht bestimmt auch toll aus 🙂

  2. Ich hätte gerne einen Camaro…Natürlich in Bumblebee-Optik 😉

    • Wenn wir einmal das Geld haben sollten für eine Komplettrestaurierung, dann müsste es hier schon in Longhorns Optik sein [also Farbe “burnt orange” und mit dem Longhorns Symbol drauf], weil wir nun mal Fans dieses Football Clubs sind.

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