Sally Is Back Home Again

This afternoon Dr. Patton, our vet, has discherged Sally. She was more severely injured [some oictures of those injuries further down] than we had thought. And thus Dr. Patton was in favour of keeping her under his supervision for longer, till today, even if by Monday she was already feeling much better – barking at the UPS guy. But she is still feeling some pain – less than before, though –  and is on painkillers as well as on antibiotics.

What was so bad about her wounds is that the javalinas’ tusks easily go in deep, but then don’t come out clean but tear up the tissue. But Dr. Patton has patched her up again, and soon she’ll look like a veteran from the “javalina wars”. And i ten days she’ll have to go back to Dr. Patton to have the stitches and the drainage tubes [she has three of them] removed.

Well, here there are the pictures:

Sally's Wounds

Sally's Wounds (1)

Most of her wounds are on her hind quarters, btw, probably, as Dr, Patton thinks, when she tried to run away from the javalinas. The largest wound is just above her tail, and runs across her back. And besides this one she has about 10 or 11 more, three of them – as to be seen here – with drainage tubes.

Sally's Wounds

Sally's Wounds (2)

That doesn’t really look pretty, seen from that close up, does it? But as said before, she’d doing much better by now. Just now she’s lying in her usual spot here in the dining-room, sleeping happily. And earlier this evening she ate quite a bit, and that’s a good sign, too.

Sally's Wounds

Sally's Wounds (3)

This here is her usual spot: pillow, food and water. I was just thinking that by the time she’ll have fully recovered she’ll also have been completely spoiled, getting her food inside the house, and mostly tinned food at that.  As it’s been getting warmer, we had just started to get her used to being fed outside again, but her injuries now out paid to that project. And knowing how stubborn – not to say completely muleheaded she can be – it’ll really take some time to get used to being fed outside the house. She will easily go hungry for a day or more, not touching her food, and just waiting for something better/tastier to come up. Well, now, being a “reconvalescent”, she deserves getting the VIP treatment, doesn’t she?

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


10 responses to “Sally Is Back Home Again

  1. OMG! She was attacked!??!?!?! That is horrible. I feel so badly for her! She has a good mommy and daddy tho, who will take good care of her, a lucky lady! Give her a big hug!

    • Hi Betty,
      And thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, Sally was attacked by those dang javalinas [which very likely killed Buster last year]. I really appreciate your concern. But luckily, she’d doing really fine by now. Just now, btw, she’s lying here in the dining room and snoring! 😉 Her wounds have been healing well, she’s off antibiotics and off pain killers, and all we’ll have to do is wash her back with some soap water from time to time. She’s really her old self, running around and wagging her tail. And I’ll certainly give her your big hug!
      Best regards, take care, and a hug and a pat for Shadow, too,

  2. Poor Sally! I hope she gets well soon! Ich leide immer schrecklich mit, wenn eins unserer Tiere krank ist bzw. war..Aber beim Schnarchen hört mein Mitleid auf..hihi..

    Liebe Grüße

    • Danke für Deinen Kommentar. Sally macht wirklich gute Fortschritte. Sie ist (fast) wieder ganz die alte. Heute habe ich auch darauf verzichtet, ihr eine Schmerztablette zu geben. Es scheint wirklich, sie hat die nicht mehr nötig. Und am Freitag wird’s wieder zum Tierarzt gehen, Fäden und Drainagen ziehen. Das wird dann zwar noch einmal etwas unangenehm für sie werden, aber bestimmt nicht zu schlimm.
      Apropos Schnarchen: da sie ihre Nächte im Esszimmer und nicht in unserem Schlafzimmer verbringt, ist das nicht so schlimm.
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

      • Dann drück ich ganz doll die Daumen für Freitag! Fäden ziehen ist ja nicht immer so angenehm 😉

        Mein zweiter Kater, Blacky, hat oft so geschnarcht, dass ich ihn schon aus dem Wohnzimmer in die Küche verbannt hab 😉

        Liebe Grüße & Servus aus dem Frankenland

        • Das Fädenziehen hat sie prima überstanden. Sie ist übrigens ein ganz ausgezeichneter Patient: was auch immer der Tierarzt mit ihr anstellen muss, sie hält still und “sagt” keinen Ton. Und mittlerweile geht es ihr wieder richtig gut.
          Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

  3. I hope Sally heals quickly!

    • Thanks for your sympathies. I think she’ll do fine. She’s nearly been her old self today. Just now she’s lying beside me on the carpet and …. snoring. 😉

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