Texas Droughts

Just found the following quotation in Elmer Kelton‘s “The Time It Never Rained“, which I’m reading – with much pleasure – at present:

“Other places might have several drouths in a single summer. Texas was more likely to have several summers in a single drouth. Drouth here did not mean a complete absence of rain. It meant extended periods of deficient rainfall, when the effects of one rain wore off long before the next one came so that there was no carryover of benefits, not continuity.”

Let’s hope we won’t get a prolonged period of drought as there was in the 1950s, the time Kelton writes about.

Btw, we had a total of 15.2 inches of rainfall in 2011, when the all-time [1871 – 2011] yearly average is 29.12, cf. Monthly/Annual Average Precipitation, San Antonio/TX. See also, Climate for San Antonio, Texas.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


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