Preparations for Drilling – Part I

First, after the area had been cleared from grass and brush and had been levelled some, dirt [I assume it was Caliche, which is normally used for such purposes hereabouts, as it compacts and hardens easily] was brought in and spread:


Dirt Being Brought in and Spread

Caliche is a really good material for fill, but also for dirt roads as it can ve compacted very well and, with some water, really hardens. We have used it as fill under the concrete floor of our new garage and I’m also spreading it on our driveways. Talking of hardening: it was only after slightly more than half a year that I had to use the pick-axe to loosen the pile of Caliche we have here, before I could shovel it into the wheel-barrow.

But back to the preparations of the drilling-pad:

The dirt is watered, on the one hand to avoid dust and on the other hand to harden it, and compacted:


Dirt Being Watered and Compacted

Quite heavy machinery:


A Bulldozer at Work

After that the first small holes were drilled and some pipes were laid, as shown in a previous posting. After that, things became quiet for a while, until work started again after Christmas. More about that in a further posting so as to avoid long delays in loading this page.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

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