They’re Drilling for Real Now

After the main preparations, i.e. preparing the pad [more about that in another posting], had been finished before Christmas, they really got things going on Tuesday [more about that in again another posting], and as of yesterday the drilling rig is there. And that is what it looks like, just across the highway from our property – unfortunately:


The Rig as Seen from Our Front Porch

Let’s have a closer look:


The Drilling-Rig as Seen from Our Cattle Guard

And they also built half a town – well, that’s slightly exaggerated, but they did put up about 10 monile homes – with it., as you can see in the foreground.

And closer up still:


A Formidable Monster, Isn't It?

In spite of it’s dimensions and all the machinery to go with it it’s surprisingly quiet.  Much quieter than I had been afraid it would be. What you can hear is a constant low humming sound – not too bad really. But I’m wondering what it’ll be when they’ll do the actual fracking. Everybody says that’s much noisier. Just now the traffic on the highway drowns out the noise of the drilling nearly all the time. And I consider the highway noise worse as it’s not only louder on average, but also intermittend. But we’ll have to put up with it as we can’t move the house: it’s not a mobile home after all.

In the mellow light of the early evening …


The Rig in the Early-Evening Sunshine

… and at night …


The Rig at Night

… it looks quite full of atmosphere – almost. Technology can be beautiful, can’t it?

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

6 responses to “They’re Drilling for Real Now

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  3. I’used to live near a drilling rig in Texas (outside Houston) and once the fracking hit it got loud during the day but was fine at night thank goodness. They actually helped contain a lot of wondering cattle by installing cattle guards as well so I can’t complain. Hope things stay quiet for you.

    • Hi tghere,
      Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog and leave a comment. Luckily, all the activity across the highway has died down and we’re getting no noise fromn there. But with all the oil traffic the highway itself has become the problem. It’s become really noisy. So noisy plus so dangerous that we’re really thinking of relocating. Part of our property is already on gthe market.
      Have a good one,

  4. Wow! They are close aren’t they? 😦 There are all kinds of small oil thingies in this area. Oil is drilled all over too. I am glad I live in a small own, not right out in the open, town would never permit it to be drilled here. I don’t think.

    • Well, actually we’re outside town limits here, so the city council has no say in it. But the oil companies have taken out leases for plots in town, too, and the city itself has leased some of their property to the companies.
      Some lucky people in neighbouring Panna Maria made quite bit of money when there was a drilling rig just across the street from their places: the company gave them §300 per day for a holiday in a place of their choosing, plus $250 per day for expenses and an additional $100 for “inconveniences”, for as long as drilling and fracking went! Nobody offered us any, though. (: But we do get some money from leases. Not from that spot across the highway, though, as they drill parallel to the highway and not under it to our side.

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