Clothes Sizes

I’ve known for a long time that there is an XXL size, and lately, when doing some more work for the LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour [I’m administrating their website], I came across a size 3XL. But what really beats me is that a few days ago, in an online shop for underwear, I found 6XL! I still can’t quite believe it. That’s for a waistline of – believe it or not – 62 inches!

But this, then, answers a question that has always come to my mind when I saw those dreadfully obese people around here, i.e. where you can those tents these people seem to wear for t-shirts.  😉  Now I know that they don’t have to go, as I had presumed earlier, to a factory for circus tents.  😉

But what I like about clothes sizes here is the fact that you buy pants not only by waist line, but by leg length, too [normally in 2-inch increments]. For me, it’s 34/36 [34″ leg length, 36″ waist line]. Yep, I agree: it’s embarrassing when the leg length is shorter than the waist line.  😉

A similarly practical systen is used with shoes: you can buy them in different widths, e.g. D or DD or E and even EE. That helps me a lot as I do have a slightly wide foot [I prefer DD]. In Germany I sometimes got my shoes a number too large to feel more comfy with the width.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


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