Southern Texas “Christmas Trees”

Well, the “technical kind” of Christmas trees is what we see around our property just now:

Oil Rigs at Night

Oil Rigs at Night

These are just two of the ca. 8 to 10 oil rigs we can at present see to the south of our property. The night all around us – not only to the south – is fairly brightly lit just now with all the drilling and fracking going on. And there’s also quite a bit of noise – kind of a constant hum in the background.

The picture isn’t all that good, but it does give an impression of what things look like around here just now, I think.

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5 responses to “Southern Texas “Christmas Trees”

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  4. The racket would drive me nuts after dark, though I suppose you get used to it.

    • Hi Randall,
      We don’t mind the noise of the rig(s) and the fracking that much as it’s only temporary. What bothers us more, as that is constant and ever increasing – is the noise of the traffic on the highway here. That really has increased over the years and especially now, of course, with all that oil construction going on. Even the new double-glass windows wqe had installed a few years ago don’t help too much. Mary has always maintained that the house – it’s about 200 feet from the highway – is too close to it for her liking. But that can’t be changed.
      Talking of the fracking noise: some people around here, in Panna Maria actually, were really lucky: they got paid by the company drilling just across from their property. They got $300 a day for a motel/hotel of their choice, plus $100 for food, plus and additional $250 for their “inconvenience”. Why not us also??!! 😉
      Best regards,

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