Accident Right in Front of Our Driveway

Last week, while I was in Germany still, there was a really bad accident [one person seriously injured and one killed outright] directly in front of our driveway/cattleguard. A car coming from the direction of San Antonio had wanted to take a left from the highway onto the neighbouring property and, because of oncoming traffic, had to stop in the middle of our two-lane highway. The driver of the car [a fairly big pick-up truck] must have missed that completely and rear-ended it, very likely at full speed as there is no indication of him trying to break nor trying to swerve onto the shoulder, thus pushing the stopped car into the oncoming traffic, which here usually travels at the allowed maximum speed of 70 mph. The woman driving the oncoming vehicle was killed outright, whereas the woman in the vehicle that was rear-ended was thrown out of her car and severely injured and airlifted to the hospital in San Antonio. Only the driver who had caused the accident was not injured.

And our mailbox took a hit, too:


The Bent Mailbox with Flowers for the Victim of the Accident

That’s a spot, btw, where I always feel somewhat scared when I have to stop in the middle of the street – which, with all the increased traffic, happens rather frequently now – with someone coming up from behind and me not knowing if the driver has realized I’m stopped there. That’s why I have quite often made sure, by slowly driving on the shoulder way before I come to the cattleguard, that everybody behind me overtakes me. But that’s not always possible, of course. And therefore Mary and I are seriously considering driving on the two miles to Karnes City and there, at the junction of HWY 181 and FM 1144, with a left-turn lane, turn around, drive back, and then take a right, and from the shoulder at that, into our property.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


3 responses to “Accident Right in Front of Our Driveway

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  2. I live on a two-lane state highway, but fortunately the speed limit is only 45 mph. Even so, I signal a turn long before I make a left into my driveway for precisely the reasons you cite here. In my view, there’s no reason to have a 70 mph speed limit on roads with lots of potential turn-offs.

    • Well, you have a point there. But it might be difficult to determine what should be considered “lots” of potential turn-offs. Something else I keep thinking of – even if I don’t know if that caused the accident here – is to find a way to really make impossible and not only ban the use of cell phones, whether it’s for texting or for plain talking, by the driver.

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