Just now I’m sitting in a motel in Houston, and in about two hours I’ll leave for the airport, to fly to Germany again for a short stay of two and a half weeks. So as not to feel rushed, we had decided to get here yesterday, and we stayed here at the Intercontinental Airport Inn [a Best Western again] for the night.The location of the hotel – only two miles from the airport – suits our purposes very well. And – considering that it is so close to the airport and US 59 – it is amazingly quiet. We rarely heard planes taking off or landing.

For our supper we went to a Rad Lobster close by and had some really yummy food. After shrimp nachos with nheese as an appetizer Mary had two skewers of grilled shrimp on a bed of rice pilaw with mashed potatoes and I had peppercorn tilapia & shrimp with broccoli on a bed of linguini. Both dishes came wit a salad and were excellent. I washed my food down with two glasses of draught Samuel Adams – a beer I really like for it’s slight malty taste. As a dessert Mary had a “Chocolate Wave” [chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate sauce]: absolutely delicious. I’m really sorry that I was too full to have that, too, or even to share, as it not only looked but also tasted gorgeous.

What we both liked very much with that restaurant – and that’s rare in even real quality restaurants here in the US – was the fact that out waitress didn’t rush us with our food. She had announced when she brought our appetizer that she would leave us enough time to eat it, before bringing the salad. And she was true to her word. She must have watched us closely, because it was really only after we had finished the shrimp nachos that she appeared with the salad. And again she waited till we had finished that before she brought the main courses. As I said: that is, according to my experience, quite rare in restaurants here in the US. Usually they serve everything in short order, so that sometimes you’re still busy with the appetizer when the salad appears, and the main course shortly after that, too, so that it gets cold as you’re still having your appetizer and/or salad – not to speak of the inconvenience of not having enough space on your table.

This morning, btw, we had a good breakfast here at the motel, even with fried potatoes. Quite a choice we had.

And soon we’ll leave for the airport. My schedule, if everything goes according to plan, will be:

  • 16:10 leave Houston
  • 08:55 arrive in Frankfurt [tomorrow, of course]
  • 13:07 leave Frankfurt by train [ICE, i.e. the superfast – up t0 300 km/h – Intercity Express]
  • 13:47 arrive in Siegburg

And from there I’ll take the tram first to Bonn, and then a bus to Hersel. For that I’ll have to figure out the schedules upon arrival.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


2 responses to “Travelling

  1. Safe journey. Take photos!


    • Hi Randall,
      Thanks for the well-wishing. Re photos: as I’m not travelling and sight-seeing here, I didn’t bring the camera this time. But some time soon I’ll upload pictures from my precious stay in Germany in May and June to my “Bilderbuch” Blog.
      Best regards,

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