André Rieu …

… was in San Antonio last night and we listened to his music and watched his show, as it’s both: a concert and a show. And that’s what I like about André Rieu: that he and his orchestra turn a concert into a good show. It is great fun to watch in a live performance how enthusiastically he and his musicians present their music with exuberance, dedication and wit. Something, though, was amiss in our opinion: a smaller venue would have done the concert good. The AT&T Center with its 19.000 seats was much too large and thus many more than half the seats remained empty. And that, in our opinion, was detrimental to the atmosphere: the spark just didn’t catch except for at the end, when the audience kept asking for one encore after the other, and – for a short time during the concert – when a winter tune was palyed and “snow” began to fall from the ceiling. Even the applause – as much as the people clapped their hands and shouted – sounde (too) thin in these surroundings: a real pity because the preformance would really have merited more. Anyway: we enjoyed it and ourselves a lot, all the more as Mary had given me the tickets as a present for our second wedding anniversary.

One final thought: we both think it might have been a good idea for André Rieu to open with a local tune, say “San Antonio Rose” e.g., to kind of capture the audience.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


One response to “André Rieu …

  1. There’s an André Rieu show coming up on satellite you might want to check,

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