May I Introduce Myself? I’m the “Newcomer”

Here he [or she – we don’t know exactly yet] is, the latest addition to our “zoo”:


It's Me, the "New Kid Around the Block"

And this is how it came about:

Last Friday – we had just returned from Austin [more about that in another entry] – Melissa, our cleaning woman, drove up and asked us if we would like to have another cat. She had nine already, and besides there always used to be coyotes around her house and that was too dangerous for such a little kitty – which her husband had picked up in San Antonio. And since we had lost a few of our kitties lately and had turned down her offer a few times already and since – besides all that – Mary has a great heart for (lonely) animals, we accepted. And now we have him/her. We have already looked closely a couple of times to find out whether it’s a “he” or a “she”, but we don’t know yet for sure. And therefore we can’t name hin/her yet. But that’ll come soon. Anyway – we have the sweetest of “newcomers” now. This little being is wonderfully lively. It has got acquanited with its surroundings nicely, with Frankie [who is our most housebound cat] and also with Sally. And we are having ever so much fun with him/her.

And here it’s him/her in full size – well, just now a handful only:


The New Kitty in "Full Size"

It has a few scratches on its nose, and we’re wondering how he/she got those. Maybe someone threw him/her out of a car? Unfortunately that does sometimes happen around here. Well, maybe Melissa’s husband knows more, as he picked hin/her up in San Antonio.

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7 responses to “May I Introduce Myself? I’m the “Newcomer”

  1. What did you name her? She is the same kind of cat that I told you I had! They are very pretty cats, aren’t they? My sister had given me the cat after finding the kitten stuck inside the wall where my sister works. I named it Igor, thinking it was a boy, that is WHAT MY SISTER SAID. Until Igor became, very obviously, pregnant! I still called her Igor. 🙂

    • Her name is Oprah. First – as she was given to as as a male – we [actually my wife, as she’s much more inventive with names than I am] had considered Harpo. But when our vet confirmed our “suspicions”, we changed it to Oprah.
      So you had a cat like this, too. I agree: they’re pretty. Igor is a nice name, too.
      As to male/female: that happened with our Oliver, too. He cane to us as a she and we named him Olivia. And even the vet made that mistake when he examined him/her first. It was only at the second visit that he discovered “she” was actually a “he”. Boy, was he embarrassed!

  2. Hi Sherman,
    Quite a few of our animals [5 of our 6 cats, and our dog, Sally, in fact] are strays. Either they come wandering by or we pick them up in town. As to “wandering by”: there’s a picnic area on the highway not far from here, and that’s notorious for people to leave their animals there. And then they can smell or hear ours and thus come by and find a new home.
    I’m happy, btw, that my allergies have become less over the years so that I can stand cats.
    And re the life span: that’s a problem here in southern rural Texas, too. We have all kinds of predatory animals, from coyotes to rattle snakes and javalinas, and many of our animals have fallen prey to those, we suspect. An dthen there’s the much-travelled highway in front of our property, and some animals of ours have been killed there, too. But that’s is as it is and we’ll have to cope with it.
    We’re really happy to have our “zoo”. Just now I’m watching the little one here, playing: absolutely fun!
    Best regards,

    • Now with the explanation above I understand the whole situation, because the phrase in the post where you said you lost a few kittens kind of looked weird, I thought I’d misunderstood something.

      I’ve never watched that film Ace Ventura, but I remember posters with Jim Carrey surrounded by animals. That’s what I thought about when I read your comment under the post here.

  3. We always had stray cats around our place when I was growing up. Dad loved them, because they kept the vermin away. Unfortunately, their lifespans were short due to the coyotes and foxes we have around here.

    I tried having one a few years ago, but my sinuses couldn’t handle it. Fortunately, my niece is a vet tech and has a complete menagerie at her home, so there was a place for it to go.


  4. I think it’s a girl. Her “face” looks very female.
    I hope she(maybe,he:) ) will be fine. If the scratch is from an accident with a car she can have other injuries too.
    Best of wishes to the kitten and you.

    • Hi Alexandra,
      Thank you for your comment. This little guy – we seem to think of him as a male – will certainly be fine. He doesn’t seem to have any injuries, btw, except for these little scratches. But we’ll take him to the vet very soon anyway to have him checked out.
      Just now he’s next to me on the floor, happily playing with my camera case: real fun to watch!
      Best regards,

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