Oktoberfest in San Antonio

The day before yesterday, Friday, Oct.7, in the late afternoon and early evening, we went to the Oktoberfest of the Beethoven Männerchor on their premises at 422 Pereida St. It was a really nice and very entertaining time there, with “Gemutlichkeit“, as they say – and write it – here. The entertainment was good, with not only the Maennerchor singing, but also the Damenchor [ladies’ choir] and the Kinderchor [children’s choir], plus quite a few good bands – from the San Antonio Accordion Club to the Beethoven Concert Band – performing. We really enjoyed the music and, of course, the delicious German food: Bratwurst and Leberkaese with Sauerkraut and potato salad, which I washed down with a draught Warsteiner Dunkel. Besides that, they had quite a good further selection of draught German beers, especially – how could it be different – from Bavaria, e.g. Spatenbraeu, Hofbraeu and Franziskaner – to name but a few –  and also some other German dishes such as Goulash with noodles and/or potato pancakes with apple sauce. The other alledgedly German dish on the menu, a Reuben sandwich [about which I have blogged recently here, too], is, to my mind, not a traditional German dish at all – but nevertheless tasty. For dessert they had a good selection of various cakes, but apart from the Apple Streusel none of them actually was typically German.

What really surprised me, btw, was the fact that, when we were buying our food and drinks tickets, I was spoken to in German, and perfect and fluent German at that, by the old guy selling those tickets.

We were lucky with the weather: the day had been quite hot again, but with a nice cooling breeze it was really bearable, and the much needed rain only came yesterday. Well, lucky us, but not the organizers of the Oktoberfest, as that continued yesterday. Let’s hope there will be no rain next Friday and Saturday, when then  next two events will be held. Btw, this is by now means the only Oktoberfest here in Texas: they are celebrated all over the state, and in the US of A, too.

This event here in San Antonio drew quite a crowd. We think there might have been about 500 people around at about 6 p.m., and when we were leaving shortly before 9 p.m. there was quite a line still waiting for admission. The admission fee of $5 per person was, to my mind, reasonable.

And on December 3 there will be a Kristkindlmarket there, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. I think we’ll go there and see what that will be like.

In order to read this posting in German, click here.


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