Traffic in Houston …

… is certainly something a “normal Middle-European” needs quite some time to get used to. Well, not only in Houston, of course, but in other big cities in the USA, too. It’s only that I became aware of that again when I drove to Houston Airport [George Bush Intercontinental Airport – IAH] last Tuesday to meet Mary there. On IH-10 in the outskirts of Houston, in Katy [that part also known as Katy Freeway], to be exact, I tried to count the lanes and came up with 11 to 12, in just one direction. And that doesn’t include exits or entry ramps which usually add another 2 lanes.

The lanes were:

  • 6-7 “regular” lanes
  • 2 access/frontage roads
  • 1 HOV lane
  • 2 toll lanes

It needs quite a bit of concentration, especially to get into the correct lane before you exit, the latter being all the more difficult as – contrary to German highways – exits can be from the left lane(s), too.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


4 responses to “Traffic in Houston …

  1. So true! And people around he big cities drive much faster than the speed limit allows which can make it really difficult to find the right exit quickly. I love my Garmin – it’s saved me many times.

    • Hi Sabrina,
      As I wrote in my answer to Randall Sherman, I really don’t think driving here in the US, even in big cities, is that bad. I find drivers here more considerate than in Germany, e.g. Definitely not rushing me. And as regards the speed limit: during that trip to Houston I rarely met speeding drivers. My TomTom, btw, announced some of the exits/turns rather late, when I had already spotted the signs. But otherwise: a perfect guidance system.
      Best regards,

  2. I’ve only driven through Houston once, but that was enough. Though I must say, even it doesn’t compare with driving in Paris. French drivers in Paris illustrate the maxim, “he who hesitates is royally screwed” in spades.


    • Hi Randall,
      I know that Europeans’ driving is much worse than here in the US. And Paris – well, I haven’t driven there yet. For my liking, (some of) my fellow Germans drive crazily enough. I always find driving here in the US quite relaxing. Well, big cities like Houston are an exception, of course, especially during rush hour. But really not bad. And certainly I don’t feel rushed by other drivers, as I do in Germany.
      Regards from southern Texas countryside,

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