Just now I diodn’t want to believe my ears, when I seemed to hear water running down from the roof, but when I looked out of the windows, it proved to be true: it certainly is raining – and not too badly at that. Well, judging from the radar picture, it won’t be too much and not too long a shower either, but what the hell: we’re having our first rain for months! And according to the weather forecast there might be more in the offing for the next few days, even if it’s “spotty showers” or rather a “slight chance of isolated storms” – “slight chance” meaning, according to what Steve Browne, our “Wetterfrosch” [“weather frog”] as we say in Germany, said on the weather news last night, a chance of about 20%. “Storms”, btw, could actually be downpours! And even 20% is better that no chance at all.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


2 responses to “It’s RAINING!!!

  1. Yeah 🙂 It rained here as well this week. A whole night! And yesterday evening I even turned the heater on for a little while.

    • Yep, saw it in the news last night that Amarillo was down to the lower 50s temperaturewise. And also saw that there was quite a good band of showers up in the Panhandle – and not only last night, if I remember correctly. we wonĂ„t have that much here very likely, but every little bit is welcome.
      Out temps here will be in the lower 90s for at least the next week, so it’s more AC that’ll be running than the heater.

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