Of course, I have always known from experience, that drive-ins and drive-throughs are very frequent hereabouts, where it’s a common habit to do as much as possible in/with your car, as getting out is not much liked since it might give you the unwelcome opportunity to do something for your health.  😉  But that you can even go to church now without leaving your car seems to be something new, even down here in Texas, according to a newscast on one of our local TV stations last Sunday.

To read the article and watch a video click here: KENS5.

Btw, this article mixes up and/or uses in the wrong way the terms “drive in” and “drive through“.

What I especially dislike in that attitude, viz. to do each and everything in/with your car, is the fact that all of that is done, of course, with the engine running, even if it means waiting in line at a drive-through for quite some time or, as in the case reported, for a complete church service, as nobody wants to forgo the comfort of air conditi0ning. Well, with an outside temperature of close to 100 degrees as it was last Sunday and especially considering the fact that the cars were parked in the blazing sun, which – without air conditioning – would quickly have turned them into life-threatening ovens, air conditioning certainly was a necessity – once you have accepted as a truth that one needs to have a drive in church service and that one can’t be bothered to park the car and walk into the church.

Talking of parking the car, shutting down the engine and then doing your shopping or whatever errand you want to conduct: with all the grumbling about high gasoline prices I see again and again that people park their cars and leave the engine running while shopping, having a coffee somewhere or just chatting up others in the post office, for example.

And here’s another link to KENS5, this time to a report about a drive through for “coffee plus prayer”.

Btw, we certainly use drive-throughs, too, of course, be we always make apoint of shutting down the engine whenever the car is not moving.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


2 responses to “Drive-in

  1. I wonder whether these sorts of fads will last. It’s hard to imagine a meaningful church service conducted in a drive through.


    • Hi Randall,
      I agree and I would even phrase it more strongly: to my mind there’s no way to conduct a meaningful church service in a drive in. I think the meeting of the congregation in closer contact is essential. And I also wonder how meaningful that other fad, drive-through-coffee-cum-prayer actually is. That would not be my style either.
      Have a great Labour Day weekend,
      Pit – soon to be on my way to a “real” church service.

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