Houston …

… was somewhat greener when we were there on Monday and Tuesday. Well, that’s East Texas, and they usually have more rain than we do. On our way there, we – sadly though – saw that the parched countryside extends quite a ways towards the east: nothing but brown grass with a few exceptions.

Btw, we had decided to go to Houston on Monday to celebrate our second anniversary there with a nice supper and also since Mary was leaving from there for her trip to Europe on Tuesday. That way, spending the night there, it was much less of a hassle. For our anniversary we didn’t go to a posh restaurant but to a plain old Red Lobster. Very yummy dishes! For starters we shared Shrimp Nachos – a very generous portion that would easily have done for 3 or even 4 people. As a main course Mary had fried stuffed flounder with a grilled shrimp skewer on a bed of wild rice with added mashed potatoes [the Irish heritage in her!]. And I had Linguini Alfredo in a Crab-Parmesan-Cream sauce as my entree. Half a portion, btw, as I know the size of portions down here in Texas. And it was really enough. As a dessert we shared a Chocolate-Chip-Lava Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream – ever so yummy. Oh, btw, and I indulged myself with draught Samuel Adams.

Re traffic in Houston: that’s something I still have to get used to. 7 or even 8 lanes – wow, that’s something. But it turned out manageable, even for someone from “small Germany”. What I really didn’t like was the toll roads. Maybe just because I don’t have any experience with those. So I just stayed off and took streets paralleling them – not only because I was just too mean. Anyway, it was not that much slower. And I also spotted cheap gas stations. We keep looking for those, since tghe oprice for gas can really be different at the different gas stations. On that trip I found $ 3.33 as the lowest price, but also as much as $ 3.59. Quite a difference, isn’t it? And the cheap rate is especially nice if it’s a Chevron station, as we get an additional 10 ct/gall off with our Chevrion Card.

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2 responses to “Houston …

  1. Hi Sherman,
    Thank you! And I promise not to misbehave! 😉

  2. Happy Anniversary. I trust you’ll not misbehave while your wife is away.


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