88 Degrees Water Temperature

No, that’s not the water in our bathtub, that’s the actual water temperature down here at the Texas Gulf Coast. But even so, with air temps at more than 100 degrees, it is still nicely cooling. Thus it’s high time for us to get down there soon. Well, maybe this coming weekend.

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2 responses to “88 Degrees Water Temperature

  1. Hi Randall,
    Yes, we certainly are keeping our eyes on the weather. And we are in two minds, really. On the one hand, we desparately need rain, rain and more rain, just like it could come with a tropical storm such as Hermine last year. But then, as you say, there’s the hot temperatures of the Gulf, which make it so likely for a tropical depression to develop into a (really big) hurricane. And the peak of the hurricane season is not here yet by far. Well, let’s just hope for the best.
    Best regards from baking-hot and bone-dry southern Texas,

  2. Eighty-eight degrees is hot enough to fuel a big hurricane. Keep your eye on the weather, my friend.


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