What do recycling and Mexican beer have in common?

Quite easy – or maybe not?

Well, since here in Texas there’s practically no recycling [we’re happy that our local Wal-Mart has started accepting paper, cardboard and plastics for recycling] and since I can get the beers I like, that is Miller Genuine Draught [MGD] and Shiner Bock, locally [at the H.E.B. as well as at Wal Mart] in bottles only and there’s absolutely no way to recycle bottles [I can only throw them away in our trashcan], I have tried out the Mexican “Tecate” [I can get that in cans at the local Wal-Mart and we sell cans for recycling in neighbouring Poth], and I really like it. It is a tad darker and maltier than MDG and thus comes quite close to Shiner Bock. And that’s why I’ll very likely have it more often as I’m not that Americanized (yet) that I drive the the 25 miles to Floresville where I can get MGD in cans just to get beer. If we need more stuff from there, or if we pass by there on other errands, fine. Then I’ll certainly get myself MGD in cans, but just drive there for beer only – no!

P.S.: Something else I’m not yet Americanized in is the fact that I don’t drink my beer as cold – ice cold that is – as Texans do. Only in summer I keep it in the fridge. In winter our pantry is cool enough for me to keep it there.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deustch zu lssen, hier klicken.

2 responses to “What do recycling and Mexican beer have in common?

  1. My mother-in-law is amazed I put my beer in the fridge. When she visits, she’ll open a beer and put the bottle in the microwave for 10 seconds to take the chill off.

    BTW, Mexican breweries were started by German immigrants to Mexico or Prussian Catholics who moved there from the U.S. before the Mexican American War. Consequently, it’s very good stuff.


    • Hi Randall,
      I might follow your mother-in-law’s example the next time I visit with my wife’s colusins here! 😉
      The Spoetzl brewery here in Shiner in southern Texas was founded by Czech people, as far as I know, and that’s great beer, too.
      And sometimes I simply go and get myself some “real” German beer.
      Cheers, or “Prost” as we say in german,

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