No More Miller-Time in Minnesota

How lucky I am to be living down here in southern Texas, considering that – due to the government shut-down – the Miller-Coors brewery conglomerate will have to recall all their beers from being sold in Minnesota. According to what I read in Slate Magazine tonight, they had failed to renew the necessary paperwork and cannot do so now as the Minnesota government has been shut down – something, btw, that would not only be unthinkable but impossible in my native Germany.

So, luckily, here in the dry and hot conditions of southern Texas, I can still have my favourite beer: Miller genuine Draught – MGD in short.

For more information, read the story here: Slate Magazine

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


One response to “No More Miller-Time in Minnesota

  1. Lesson: Don’t file stuff at the last minute.


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