Exceptional Drought in Texas

It’s awfully dry here in southern Texas, as I keep writing here and in my other blog. The drought conditions are “exceptional”, i.e. the harshest category possible, with some rivers, e.g. the upper Guadalupe, going completely dry. Today, the New York Times had an article about the extreme drought in the southern USA:

“Drought Spreads Its Pain Across 14 States –


In Texas, where the drought is the worst, virtually no part of the state has been untouched. City dwellers and ranchers have been tormented by excessive heat and high winds. As they have been in the southwest, wildfires are chewing through millions of acres.

Last month, the United States Department of Agriculture designated all 254 counties in Texas as natural-disaster areas, qualifying them for varying levels of federal relief. More than 30 percent of the state’s wheat fields might be lost, adding pressure to a crop in short supply globally.

Even if weather patterns shift and relief-giving rain comes, losses will surely head past $3 billion in that state alone, Texas agricultural officials said.


Read the whole article here: The New York Times

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


2 responses to “Exceptional Drought in Texas

  1. Hi Randall,
    I’ve also been reading – and watching it on the news – about how much rain other parts of the US are/have been getting. And I really wish there was a way to share. Maybe in some future time. Haven’t there been dreams of a canal – somewhat like across half the US?
    Best regards from superdry Texas,

  2. I keep reading about this. We’ve had more than enough rain up here to last us a long time. You’re welcome to as much as you want.


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