A Good Kitty – Doggie Co-Operation …

… that’s what we had – presumably – two nights this week. At least we believe that Frankie and Sally were a good team.

Here’s what happened:

I don’t remember exactly when it was – Monday or Tuesday night – that, when I was in the kitchen for a short time, I found some cellophane wrap on the floor. During the night, half asleep, I didn’t look closely, as I was more interested in my beauty sleep [at my age that takes a lot of time]  but simply threw the cellophane away. The next morning I realized that a loaf of sliced bread that we usually keep on a stool in the kitchen was missing. And when I also found a few breadcrumbs on the dining-room floor where, in a corner, Sally usually sleeps on her pillow, I realized what must have happened. Frankie once again must have been a “nocturnal” animal and have discovered the cellophane wrap – it makes those wonderfully enticing crackling sounds – as a nice playtoy and great pastime and he must have thrown the whole package of bread on the floor. And Sally must have gratefully accepted that offer, torn the wrapping completely and gobbled down the whole loaf of bread. That’s the way we suppose it to have been, especially as a few days before that Frankie had already once chewed into a package – bread rolls at that time. But then he hadn’t thrown them on the floor and we had put that package into the fridge. Foolishly we hadn’t thought of the bread at that time. And even more foolishly this time we didn’t think of a package of flatbread on the same stool.So, predictably, the next night our kitty-doggie team got at that and the next morning the flatbread was gone and only a few crums and shreds of the packaging were still on tghe floor. And both Sally and Frankie were sitting there looking as if nothing had happened – of course!

Well, we can’t prove that it happened that way and that Frankie helped but never before Sally has been known to get bread off the stool all by herself.

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