Reposted: “And Once Again” [originally posted as “Und noch einmal” on January 21, 2010]

After it – my bicycling year, that is – had started so nicely yesterday, today I wanted to know what my fitness really is after nearly a two-month break. And thus I went alone – so as not to have to take anybody else into consideration – on one of my “standard routes”: 25 miles of “rolling southern Texas countryside” [Hobson – Panna Maria – Helena]. I did this route without interruptions but without really exerting myself [ with two very short exceptions of less than one minute each]. In the end I was really surprised that I did this ride at an average of 17.7 mph. Admittedly, my heart rate was a tad high at the end, but I really didn’t overexert myself. That makes me hope that this season might turn out positive. Well then: Lone Oak Ride on Saturday and Scenic Loop on Sunday, both with my local bicycle club [Hill Country Bicycle Touring Club]. The weather is supposed to be fine.

In case you want to know more about this route, you find it here at my tracks at Tracks for Vagabonds.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


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