Reposted: “Done!” [originally posted as “Geschafft!” on January 21, 2010]


Posted by Pit on Thursday, January 21, 2010

Overcame the “innerer Sch weinehund” [now how do I translate THAT?? “Inner devil”, maybe?] and back on the bicycle again for the first time this year. It wasn’t too long a ride, 14 miles total only, but nevertheless it’s a beginning. The weather [sunshine, little wind and 73 degrees] simply was too good to let the opportunity pass. And besides, Craig Brubaker, cousin Mark’s father in law and my bicycling companion,  had not stopped kicking my butt – figuratively only, of course. He rode with me and it was no problem for me to keep up with him – quite the contrary. Thus the first part was not really exerting for me, even considering the fact that I had not been on a bicycle for nearly 2 months. And when Craig, after about 10 miles, turned into his driveway and headed for home, I added a few faster miles. The ride was real fun and I hope that I’ll get into my stride again quickly. Especially as the weather is supposed to be fine for the next few days.

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