Travel Fragments [2]

Low-flying cars on the “Autobahn“: that is something I’m not longer used to after more than a year in the US. So you’re travelling on the “Autobahn” at the recommended speed [130 Km/H], and suddenly another car flies by at 180 Km/H and more. That happens quite frequently – and is always scary. And – to my mind – it’s quite dangerous, too. The driver of the car that’s overtaking solely relies on the other driver being conscientious and alert. I really like the speed limit on US highways: safe and relaxing driving.

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2 responses to “Travel Fragments [2]

  1. Hi Sabrina,
    Thx for your comment. I must admit that I really like the speed limit here in the US. I not only have become accustomed to it, but I really appreciate it as it makes for such a relaxed way of driving: get on the highway, get up to the speed limit, put on the cruise control and … relax. I don’t care if – on an otherwise empty highway – I could go faster. The way it is I can always manage a 60-mph average on long trips. And that’s sufficient to me.
    And what I also appreciate about driving around here in the US: there’s no such thing as an “Elefantenrennen” among the big trucks as there is in Germany, where they can block the left lane on two-lane highways for miles on end when trying to overtake each other with just about the barest amount of surplus speed. Here, they are going the same speed and there’s no need for them to overtake. And they also have such powerful engines that they can nearly always maintain their speed even uphill – at least on many of the highways.
    To sum it up: I really like driving here more than in “good ol’ Germany”.
    Best regards,

  2. It’s true 🙂 It always takes me a little while in Germany to get used to cars zooming by at 200 km an hour. But I do like it. It really bothers me here sometimes when the roads are huge and wide and barely any cars and I can’t go faster than 100 km per hour because of the speed limit 😦

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