Travel Fragments [1]

Now who tells me that German drivers are the ones who sit on your rear bumper? It’s the French and Belgians who do that much much more. I especially realized that when we returned from England two days ago: even when I was driving (a tad) over the speed limit, there were plenty of cars who drove up that closely that I couldn’t even see their number plates. I’m tempted to say that I was able to see the white in the eyes of the driver.

Um dieses Posting in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


2 responses to “Travel Fragments [1]

  1. Hi Randall,
    Thanks for your comment. As to Germans tailgating, it’s not only when you don’t yield the passing lane. Some of my fellow countrymen just don’t seem to want to have anyone in front of them. So they tailgate you even when you’re in the process of overtaking. And as to getting into the slow lane when I’m not passing: in Germany I always do. Well, to tell the truth, I’ll be happy when I’m back in the states: driving is so much more relaxed there.
    Best regards – still from Germany,

  2. Germans only tailgate if you don’t yield the passing lane. That’s the rule of the road. Get in the slow lane unless you’re passing.

    BTW, I had the same experience with French drivers in France a few years ago. Scary.


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