El Camote …

… has disappeared. This sweet little guy,

el camote

El Camote – under the Hibiscus

our “sweet potato” – that is what “El Camote” means [as he’s on the one hand ever so sweet and also reddish, as a sweet potato] – has not shown up for some time – about a month, actually – now. At the end of March we were in Fredericksburg [Texas Hill Country] for a long weekend and, as usual, good friends of ours took care of our animals. And when we came back, El Camote just wasn’t around any longer. And he has not yet re-appeared. It has happened before that we haven’t seen him for three or four days, but never for as long as now. We don’t know what might have happened to him. If Pepper, the dominant tomcat that showed up around here about 9 month ago, might have chased him off? Or maybe a cojote or an owl got him? Or a rattler or a javalina? Country living here in southern Texas can be dangerous, can’t it? Anyway, we don’t think he got run over on the highway since we didn’t see any evoidence of that upon our return. And we also don’t believe that he has just wandered off. Well, whatever has happened to him: we’re really sad.

And this here is what he looked like when he came to us:

El Camote

El Camote – Just after We Got Him

And that’s how – early in 2008 – he happened to come to us: One morning, Melissa, our cleaning-woman, came and told Mary that she had seen a little kitty sitting smack-dab in the middle of the highway. And after some deliberation – they didn’t want to go back and possibly only see a dead kitten – the two of them did go back and there he was still: in the middle of highway 181, just were Calvert Ave. branches off and where there’s some kind of traffic island painted on the road. He had not moved from that spot yet. The way he looks [with his scratches and road rash on his nose and elsewhere in his face] someone just seems to have thrown him out of a moving car. And besides the road rash he might also have had a concussion, which, as it is, might very well have saved his life, as he was probably too dazed to move out of that spot and across the heavily travelled highway. Well, the two of them picked him up and ever since he has stayed with us – up to his recent disappearance.

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7 responses to “El Camote …

  1. I hope El Camote did return.

    • Hi Russel,
      Thanks for “camping out” in my blog and for your comment.
      Sadly, El Camote has never returned – as have quite a few of our animals. That, animals simply disappearing, unfortunately is part of our life here in rural southern Texas. There are simply too many predators out. But we can’t keep the animals inside all the time. We’re just bound to lose one of our precious darlings from time to time. But then, on the other hand, we have new canine and feline friends simply wandering by and staying with us quite frequently, too. In fact, 4 of our kitties and our dog, Sally, are strays that happened to come by and stay. And our other 3 cats were picked up in the streets by friends and given to us. Sometime we’re joking that the kitties around here must have posted signs like, “If you need a home, just go and see Mary and Pit!” 😉
      Have a good one, and take care,

  2. I followed the link from your comment on the loss of our Max at Hill Country Mysteries to this post. I’m so sorry, Pit. He looks and sounds like such a sweetheart.

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  4. Greetings from Missouri! Here via Kathleen Scott’s pages and your profile. When I say you’re a German Ex-pat, I had to visit, inasmuch as a) I got two degrees in Deutsche Literatur at the University of Missouri, bevor ich Rechtsanwalt geworden bin and b) meine Frau kommt aus Regensburg, Bayern and c) meine drei Kinder haben deutschen Passen.

    Welcome to Blogworld, and I shall return.


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