Reposted: “Coaching” [originally posted on January 18, 2010]

“Coaching”- …

Posted by Pit on Monday, January 18, 2010

… or is it? There really wasn’t a lot of “coaching” at our appointment with the immigration lawyer. She indeed told us a few of the usual questions that we might be asked in the interview to come, and once again confirmed that we – should the immigration officials really have doubts that ours might have been a marriage of convenience, just for me to obtain my Green Card – might be heard separately on the same issues, but other than that it was all about the documented evidence we will have to submit to prove that we actually live together. The lawyer, however, said that there would be no doubt, considering our pretty large wedding. But it might be adviseable all the same for us to provide endorsements by friends and relatives stating/proving that we actually live together. And I will yet have to learn faces: since we should also bring wedding pictures I will probably be asked who that is in each case. And therefore, because of Mary’s huge number of relatives and friends, I’ll have to learn quite a lot of names. And btw, I’ve just remembered one more detail: if we are to be interviewed separately, one question might be a who slept on which side of the bed on the night before the interview! Quite nosy, those immigration guys, aren’t they?

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

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