Howdy Y’all!

Welcome to my expat’s blog, which, in fact, is a kind of a translation or rendering, rather,  into English – for the use of my friends here in the US of A – of my personal blog “Pit’s Musings and Ramblings from a Big Country“, which I started in January 2010 in order to keep my friends in Germany up to date with my life here in southern Texas. As it is kind of a translation/rendering into English of a blog that I have been keeping for more than a year now, my first task will be to translate – not literally, though, and very likely with a few alterations and additions –  all those previous posts and transfer them to here – which will take a quite a while. Thus, I think, it may be advisable to meanwhile also translate/render and post the new entries from “Pit’s Musings and Ramblings from a Big Country” as they appear – even if that leads to a kind of a chronological mix-up.

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